Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Failing Gracefully....

It would seem it's been a while since I was last here. Busy, I think, though, half the time I'm busy doing nothing but thinking. Thinking and never expressing, or writting it down....

Early posts from this year promised big changes; but as governements changed policies, money grew tighter, and reality set in, things have had to be postponed.

I have yet to travel, but it will happen. Maybe a year later then planned, but it will.
The house I am living in is for sale, the place I call home will no longer be mine.
I have also revamped the look of my blog, and my cahnge it again soon, as my old mash up of darkend images for my background no loger sufficed.
I am also studying a certificate of Greek and Roman Mythology form the University of Pennsylvania; its awesome.

And yet... with changes big a small now toying with my once stable world, I have finally noticed what it has done to my work. I hadnt noticed, but I bet others have. Sometimes the master cannot see the creation. The series I have called "Failing Gracefully", a collection of beauitfully melencholly images, all gorgeoues, but with titles thst suggest they are all doomed. Maybe a subconsious expression of how my world has changed...

"Where I belong"

"Idyllic Longing"

"relax, this is normal"

"stuck in a world i don't belong"

"a beautiful tragedy"

"Empty promise"

"Rain, rain come this way, make the sun please go away"