Friday, April 8, 2011

Of Rubbish and Fairytales

its been two months since i last filled you lot in on my inner artistic turmoil lol.
many things, many ideas float around in my head, and most have a lot to do with the body of work i have been working on for uni which i have yet to name.
the basis of the photographic works is to create costumes out of recyled matarials-not recycable like cardboard and plastic bottles; but things that no-one remembers or has thrown away thinking it cant be used again like ripped curtains or rusty wire. making these costumes to the model i am photographing at the time also helps bring out as sense of indiituality that flows on a differnet tanget to repetitive fashion photography, i encourage them almost to play dress-ups an create a theatrical-like character based on themeselves. in this sneaky way, i am talking about how environment (environment being anything from place to clothes) influences the human pysche. the works, while definantly about the costume, are mainly about how internal feelings and thoughts are often expressed in a visual way through what one wares.

"ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind wanting to start again "
made from plastic sheeting, pastic bags, rubber gloves, cardboard, wire, wool, stickytape

"a moment when fear and dreams must collide "
made from cardboard, black plastic bags, wool, stickytape, wire, feathers

"fight for the chance to be lied to again"
made from newspaper and stickytape 
"where angels fear to tread"
made from curtain lace, black doona cover, back garbage bags, plastic bags
fake blood made from cornflower, honey, red food dye, green food dye and water

so far, so good

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