Sunday, February 12, 2012

lets talk about some work...

so, 2012 is well underway, things are looking up, the universe has declare "yes, now its your turn!"
in May, I will be heading to Los Angeles for a year.
my 2nd solo show "Mental Monsters" has finally opened at the Briagolong Gallery in Victoria (it was supposed to happen in october to match halloween, but due renovation on the place it got put back)

and a new year means some new faces to the strawberry team.
the first is Sarah Louise.

the second is Chantel.
and long time friend and model Jessica Hooper is branching out, hoping to become a proffesional model. you can contact her via Model Mayhem,

now i was just wanted to share some of my editing work, which i havent done for a while (mostly becuase i'm lazy)
This is my piece "incoherent reality"
believe it or not this peice actually involved very little post processing.

 I know it looks like i've done alot, but believe me, I really didnt LOL.
firstly, the image was cropped. the photo was taken with th intention of being square, but where i was shooting didnt alow me to take the photo that way so i had to compensate. I then cloned the line on the left out, which i felt was distraction.
The image was then converted to black and white, given a green filter, and then I added the grunge texture over the top. instead of making a transparent layer, I reduced the strength of my eraser tool untill I had a variation of strengths with the texture to get my final image.
see, simple really. =)
this new work has a basis in the idea of reality, possibility and dreams. I'm not sure where its all going yet, but watch this space, im sure it will all come together eventaully, like it normally does!


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