Sunday, February 6, 2011

No even a whisper...

so, today i did a jane austen inspired shoot, with my friend, know as J. she wore a dress that she must wear in an upcoming play.
this finished photo I named, "not even a whisper..."
I named it thus as I was concering the rural inhabitants ability to continue life as per usuall wihtout hinderance of gossip or news they dont want to hear, which simillaly reminded me of the Austen era novels, in which the charcters displayed similar charcteristcs.
Rural mindsets and behaviors are something that heavily influence my work, even if that is not clear, as it is something i must deal with ever day.
this at the moment is a major concernof mine, as i am watching people around me observe the disaster of Cyclone Yasi in Queensland, and behind closed doors are being nasty, comparing their own insignificant woes and troubles to those who are suffering. one issue that keeps re-apearing is a comparison to this and the Black Saturday bushfires.
i only changed some mino things using Photoshop Elements 7; but those tings make al the difference.
i blured the background to bring J further into the focal point, and changed the colour slightly, adding more of a red tone, and decreasing the amount of blue.
this is what the raw photo looks like.
so hope you've been satisfied with this explination.
now,i must love you and leave you, and go back to the real world

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